Learn to Delegate

CEOs are often seen as major control freaks. About a decade ago, I would have agreed to this perception whole heartedly. That is because back then, I was a firm believer of the saying “If you want it done right, do it yourself” and boy, did I do a lot of things myself! I was doing the work of half a dozen people because I didn’t trust them enough to be able to do it right even if I screened, interviewed, and handed out their job offers myself.

This all changed when I missed the birth of my son. I can still remember that day very clearly. I was stuck in a meeting with an advertising agency I just hired to launch a campaign for my company. I had my advertising and marketing executive with me in the meeting but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave him alone with the team the agency assigned to handle our account. I was so engrossed in the meeting that I didn’t bother to pick up my phone when my mother-in-law called. Little did I know, she was calling to let me know that my wife had already gone into labor and my son was due to come out in the next couple of hours.

By the time I finally checked my phone, my little boy had already been born and I missed the whole thing. I was very upset and disappointed in myself that I cried and apologized to my wife profusely when I got to the hospital. From then on, I vowed to delegate tasks so I would never miss another important family event.


Learning to delegate was not easy for me. During the first few months, I worried incessantly about the tasks I assigned to my subordinates. But little by little, I realized that I had nothing to worry about because not only did they get the job done, the results were better than I expected. Over time, I learned to stop calling them every hour to get updates on their progress.

Aside from the extra time on my hands, there were other benefits to delegating tasks. First of all, I learned to trust my employees. I guess one of the main reasons why I refused to delegate was because I didn’t have enough confidence in my people. I just didn’t trust that they could get the job done much less do it better than me. I forgot that the reason why I hired them was because they were experts in their field.

Next, I was able to focus on other aspects of my business because I was able to see the bigger picture. I realized that because I was working on so many things at once, I was failing to see aspects that hindered the growth of my company. But because I delegated, I was able to focus on the growth of my company. Since then, my company has expanded to 50% more than when I started.

Lastly, I was able to earn the trust and respect of my employees. I saw that my people were happier because they were finally able to put their skills to use and experienced a growth in their careers. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of them all because everyone knows that one of the keys to a successful business is keeping employees happy.

Managing Your Kids

Despite my busy schedule, I make it a point to play an active role in my children’s lives. I’m not just talking about showing up at PTA meetings and piano recitals. While most parents with high-powered careers leave the job of raising the children to the one that’s left at home (usually the mom), my wife and I work together in making sure my kids grow up to be well-rounded individuals.

I have two daughters aged 15 and 13 respectively and a son who is 9 years old. Modesty aside, my kids are the best. They do not throw tantrums when they don’t get their way and they learned the value of hard work at a very young age. I will admit that I have somehow incorporated the way I handle my employees into my parenting style. However, seeing how effective it has been in instilling values and right conduct in my children, I am not sorry at all.


Here’s how I did it:

1. Setting Goals

Like with any other company CEO, I sit my employees down at the beginning of every quarter to discuss our goals for the next couple of months. I do the same with my kids. We sit together as a family and talk about what my wife and I would like to see them achieve for say, the first quarter of the year. After we’ve had our say, we give them the chance to “negotiate” our expectations until we come to a compromise. Of course, we also let them know that it is okay to tell us what kind of support they need to achieve those goals.

2. Reward System

I am very generous when it comes to rewarding my employees for a job well done. I use this same principle with my kids. I don’t always give them what they ask for if I don’t think they deserved it. This is how they learned to value the rewards of working hard. Let me give you an example.

A couple of months ago, my eldest daughter asked me for an Iphone 6. There wasn’t anything wrong with the phone she had at the time but it was an Iphone 4 and you know how it is with teenagers these days. They just have to have the latest gadget. I told her that if she got straight A’s for the first quarter of the school year, I would get her a new phone. Of course, she worked very, very hard over the next months and even exceeded my expectations. I was more than happy to reward all her hard work with a brand new Iphone 6 as soon as I got her report card.

3. The Demerit System

You know how you get three strikes at work before you get laid off? I do the same with my kids when they misbehave. Except of course, I don’t lay them off. Rather, we set a demerit system for misdemeanors.

When they ask us for something big like a really expensive toy, gadget, or a trip abroad, they need to really behave over the next few months. Minor misdemeanors will cause one demerit and if they reach three strikes, the deal’s off. If they really misbehave, we don’t wait for three strikes. Of course, we also sit each child privately to calmly explain why such behavior is unacceptable so they know to not act that way again in the future.

The demerit system has helped my wife and I discipline our children in such a way that they understand why they are being punished. As a result, they have become very mindful of their actions and make it a point to observe proper behavior whether they are at home or otherwise.

My Top 3 Travels in 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for me. For the first time in a long while, I got the chance to take some time off from work and spent it traveling with my family. I know that’s sounds a little bit ironic considering I am the CEO of an airline company. Yes, getting somewhere, practically anywhere in the world, isn’t the problem. It’s getting enough time off to enjoy a trip.

You see, being a company’s CEO is not all it’s cracked up to be. Most people think CEOs can take off any time they want because they have people to take care of everything. What they don’t understand is how important it is for us CEOs to be on top of everyone else in the company. Simply put, things could easily crumble if we don’t pay close attention to the operations of our business.

But enough about that. Today I would like to tell you about my experience while traveling with my family. I let my kids pick the destinations for our trip because I wanted to make sure that they would have the time of their lives. Let me tell you now, it was a trip we won’t forget anytime soon.

Without further adieu, here are my top 3 travels in 2014:

1. Fiji

Our first stop was Fiji, a Melanesian country comprised of 300 plus islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. We stayed in Viti Levu, the largest and most populated island of them all. It was absolutely breathtaking. The waters were clear sparkling turquoise and sand on the beach was powdery white. During our 2-week stay, we island hopped, surfed, sunbathed, swam, and enjoyed the top notch hospitality and food that Fiji had to offer.


I definitely recommend the Fiji Islands to families and couples who want to get away from their busy lives and enjoy some peace and quiet under the sun.

2. Norway

After enjoying the tropical climes, we made our way to the Svalbard Islands in Norway. My son has an affinity for astronomy and fought tooth and nail with his sister for this destination because he wanted to see the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights can actually be seen all over Norway but I decided it was best to head North so we could get a better view.

Our trip to Norway is not something I will ever forget in my lifetime. Seeing the Northern Lights up close was a jaw-dropping experience. My wife had tears in her eyes as she told me that it was better than any fireworks show she has ever seen. My kids, especially my son, were speechless. I, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by the emotions coming off from my family and the mystical beauty of what I was seeing.

3. Andalusia, Spain

Our last stop was Andalusia, Spain. My wife picked this destination because she wanted to tour the castles and mansions in Alhambra. It was a very culturally enriching experience because we got the opportunity to see the dwelling place of kings and queens of the 14th century.

The tour we booked included lunch served in one of the gardens in the palace built in the 11th century. We were catered to by waiters dressed in replicas of the clothing worn by servants in the past. During lunch, our tour guide talked a little more about the history of the palaces in Alhambra and the steps taken to preserve the monuments.

Cutting Trees with a Chainsaw When You’re Stressed From Work

stressThere are a lot of ways to cope with stress from work. Some people prefer to go outside and be quiet for some time. Some others work even harder when they are so stressed out. There are also those who just cry when they can’t take it anymore. I have tried just about all these techniques to cope up with work related stress. Some of them still work until now, but I have found a much better way to deal with stress. Take note that as a CEO of an airline company, the level of stress is much higher. The weight of the entire company is upon my shoulders. Therefore, I need to make the right decision all the time. Each time I commit a mistake there is a lot at stake.

Learning to use a chainsaw

When things get really tough, I simply go to the farm we own and cut logs. I use chainsaw to pound them into smaller pieces. I have learned using chainsaws just a few years ago. We were out in the farm for a holiday when I saw our caretaker using the chainsaw. I told myself that this is something that I have never done before so I have to give it a try. I asked our caretaker to teach me and he did. All the steps were taught including ways to stay protected when using the tool.

Surprisingly, I got the hang of it in no time. The more surprising part is that there is a certain level of relief that the whole process offers. I cannot explain it but it seems like a huge thorn has been removed from my neck. It is a very tiring process, but it is very refreshing. From that point, I realized that it can be a great tool for coping up with stress.

Diverting your attention and emotion

You are stressed out when there is a lot going on through your brain. You also feel a lot of emotions inside. Therefore, it helps if you try to divert your attention to something else. When you are using chainsaws, it needs 100% of your attention. You cannot use it when your mind is flying elsewhere. It can be very dangerous. Therefore, during the process, you start forgetting about everything that makes you stressed out. If you continue doing the task, you have already forgotten about the problem that you are facing. I am not certain if it will work for everyone, but it definitely worked for me.

If you want to give it a try, then buy high quality chainsaws now. You can choose the best chainsaw online. There are a lot of trusted companies offering this product. You need to start with something that is quite small and basic. Besides, you are not really using it for a living. You will just use it sometimes when you are stressed. There is also a comparison table of the best chainsaws that will make the selection process earlier. Just try this method and see where it leads you.

Try Cross Fit Exercises After Work

crossfitPeople always have excuses not to work out after work. They complain about so many things. Later on, when they have put on weight, they wonder why. I also have that mentality before. I make an excuse that I can’t do any type of exercise since I am a CEO. I run a very huge company and I no longer have time for exercise. However, with my friends telling me that life is not just about careers, I eventually realized that I must do something. I am not getting any younger. My career might be at the pinnacle of success, but if my health can’t cope up, then I will still not enjoy what I have achieved.

Exercise 2.0

My friends introduced me to cross fit. They told me that it is the best option to make up for all the years that I have not tried any form of exercise. At first, I was so confident. However, when I saw just how difficult the moves are, my mind changed and I thought of backing out. My friends pushed me and told me that they also started as beginners. With determination, they were able to try out more difficult stunts. They also guided me in every step of the way.

At first, I suffered from tons of injuries. However, there is a force that pushes me to still give it a try. I decided to just go for it no matter how difficult it is. After work, I head to the gym where my friends are waiting for me to start the entire process. They kept on pushing me until such time that I got the hang of it.

Tons of benefits

To begin with, I lost a lot of weight in just a few months. I also felt a lot younger. At the office, I feel no pressure whatsoever. Even if I am faced with a lot of problems, I still don’t care. My mind is always energized and I tend to make the right decision always. This is when I started to see that cross fit has its benefits outside physical health. This is why I am highly recommending it especially to those who are always busy at work. In fact, when you are busier, you have more reasons to try cross fit.

Getting ready

When you are finally giving this a try, you need to prepare physically. You have to try out smaller gym equipment first. You can’t shock your body with really difficult moves. You also have to wear the right outfit. Cross fit can cause injuries when not done the right way. Therefore, you need to choose the best crossfit shoes. There are a lot of choices online. You can also find one that matches your personal style. The good thing when you best shoes for crossfit on the Internet is that you become more confident to try out the challenging exercise. When you see the effects of this endeavor, you will keep on doing it for sure.

When You’re Stressed, Drink Fruit Juices

Being a company CEO and a father is not easy. In fact, there are days when it can be very stressful. However, I understand that any type of job can have the same effect. Just like me, I know that a lot of you experience the same problem. There are days when you feel like giving up. You don’t want to go to work. Even if you do, you are not as productive as you are supposed to be.

Take a break

One of the best ways to cope up with stress is by taking a break. I don’t force myself to finish tasks when I am not in the mood to do so. I always stop when things are already overwhelming. There is no point in still working when I can’t focus on the job. It will just make things worse as I could get some things wrong. When you are in your office, take some time to stand and move around. Make sure that you stay away from anything related to your job. If there is a park nearby or a mall where you can stroll around, go out and head there. You don’t have to be there for many hours. You just need to breathe fresh air then you can go back to work again.

Drink fruit juices

Another way to cope up with stress at work is to take fruit juice. I have started doing this as a replacement for coffee. I hate drinking coffee as it has effects on my sleep. I also shake a lot when I drink a glass of coffee. With fruit juices, I feel refreshed and more energized to go back to work. I also don’t feel any side effects. The best part is that it is like tasting heaven for a while and so I feel better the moment I head back to my desk. There are also a lot of fruits to choose from. I just toss inside the juicer the fruit that I wanted and in a few seconds, it is good to go.

Buy a juicer now

To make things easier for you, it is best if you have a juicer next to your office table or in your pantry. You can buy one and have fun with different fruit juices every day. It is like party in a glass. You can also encourage your fellow employees to do the same thing. It is healthy for everyone. They will also feel more energized as they go back to work. If you want to get a juicer now, then check out the best juicers comparison first. This will serve as your guide in making the right choice. You can also check best juicer to buy from the list of affordable juicers. If you or your fellow employees don’t have enough budgets to buy a huge juicer, then low cost but high quality juicers are always available. It is time to change your lifestyle now and go for a healthier choice.

When Your Programming Job is Stressful, Go Out for a Walk

When Your Programming Job is Stressful, Go Out for a WalkA programming job is one of the most stressful jobs there is. It entails a lot to get the job done. You need to focus on each aspect of it before you can finish it. When you commit a mistake, everything is affected. In some cases, you would have to go back to the start just to find out where the mistake happened. There are also instances when you are so confident that everything was done well. Just when you thought everything was perfect and you run the program, it says error. This is why this job can be very stressful.

If you are faced with such situation, it is in your best interest to just relax and just take a walk. Forcing yourself to get the job done won’t help. You will just feel stressed even more. Stay away from your computer station and find a place where you can unwind and refresh.

Take your baby to the park

If you are working at home and you have a baby, then take your baby with you. Find a park where the two of you can enjoy. Aside from using this as a way to be relieved from stress, it is also a good way for you to bond with your baby. The good thing is that you can now use a double stroller. You can put your baby on one side and his things on the other side. Thus, when you don’t have enough time to be away from your job, this is the fastest thing that you can do. You can check out the best double stroller here. You can also read up on double stroller reviews to help you make the right decision on which double stroller to buy.

Go back more prepared

Now that you have already taken some time out of your work, your mind is fresher and you can start over again. You have to practice this always since you need focus when you are on your job. If you are out of concentration, then you can never get it done. If you force yourself to finish the job, you will also go nowhere. Computer programming is not like other jobs where you can do everything quickly. In this field, everything has to be smooth and slow until you reach perfection. It is also important that you learn about different programming languages that can be used in different applications. To top it all, when you know a lot about different languages, you might easily get confused. Therefore, it helps if you clear your mind first so you can easily determine the right steps to be undertaken.

Quality time with your baby

On the side line, doing this makes you spend more time with your baby. You might not notice it but when you are so busy with your job, you don’t get these small moments that are very precious. If you constantly do this, then you form a bond that is very important.

Take Time to Clean Your Home No Matter How Busy You are with Your Job

Take Time to Clean Your Home No Matter How Busy You are with Your JobAs a CEO of a huge company, I always have an excuse to not do anything at home. I always tell myself that the reason why I work this hard is that I just want to ask people to do things on my behalf. Besides, I have worked really hard my entire life and a I deserve a break. My job is also very cruel and at the end of the day, I just want to relax and sleep at home. At first, this worked well for me. I earn a lot and I can hire a lot of helpers at home. Eventually, I realized that this is not really good for me.

I can still remember back then when we lived a much simpler life. We divided tasks at home. My wife and I made sure that we helped each other to accomplish something. There is always a sense of responsibility at home. I would do the heavy lifting like fixing damaged roofs, cutting logs, repairing broken appliances and stuff. Now, I can no longer do these things. In a way, I am thankful that some tasks are lifted off my hands. In the same way, it feels like something is missing. Each day is the same. My house now feels like it is just a hotel where I check in at night and check out in the morning. Everyone in the family is already used to my absence. When I started feeling this way, I knew that something had to change.

Being more involved

Eventually, I realized that the essence of being in a family is not just about providing the kids with the kind of life they deserve. It is also about living together as one. We have dreamed of this for so long and now that we have a beautiful house and wonderful kids, we can’t enjoy it anymore. It was at that time when I decided to change my habits. I became more involved at home. I went back doing some of the things I used to do. One of the things I really love is to clean our carpet in the living room. It seems like a simple task, but it is challenging. The good thing is that I was able to purchase the best carpet cleaner. It helped make the job easier. I also took time to read carpet cleaner reviews and so I was able to get the best possible ideas.

More satisfying

Now that I am back with my usual routine at home, it feels like I am a part of a family again. I know that it takes some time out of my work, but I don’t care anymore. After all, we don’t just live to work. We live because we want to be with our family. I am not getting any younger. Thus, I want to make the most of the chance to be with my family and enjoy every minute of the day.

Talking With The Travel Nurse

I was in the United States for a couple days on business and I was flying around all over the place. I had a lot business meetings. Plus, I made a trip to see a lot of family and friends that live in the United States. It was a lot of fun moving around from city to city and exploring the country. There are really some beautiful areas that need to be visited. The urban cities are beautiful in their own right as well due to their layouts and architecture.

The United States is a very big country and there is a lot of unused land there. I am surprised that the population is not bigger. This country actually has room to fit a billion people. Unlike India, the United States would not be as densely populated if the amount of people who there were to triple. Only because there is so much unused land and money in this country.

Believe or not though. That was not the highlight of my trip. I had the pleasure of sharing a private plane ride with a U.S. senator. On board the plane was a flight nurse. These nurses specialize in critical care onboard aircraft. This senator had one on the plane in case anyone was to need immediate medical assistance. I found that concept fascinating given that you do not see a lot of that in India.

Anyway, I made conversation with this nurse to understand more about her profession and why she does what she does  for a loving. More importantly, I just wanted to understand her job on a daily basis and the labor market for these types of nurses. She broke down her profession for me pretty clearly. There is apparently a large market for nurses in the United States, Especially, flight nurses willing to work long hours.

These nurses make around $85,000 per year and they only work once or twice a week. That is pretty good money compared to the average American. Then again, their shifts are twenty-four hours long. So I guess the hours come out the same to a regular work week at the end of the month. Either way, flight nurses with experience make way over the average flight nurse salary.

I asked if the job was dangerous. She said has only been a handful of dangerous situations over the span of seven years working on a helicopter. She did say that the job was stressful and nerve wracking because someone’s life is always in your hands. That can be a tough thing to deal with if things do not go well. She saw it as paying her dues to get to where she is now. That is a good way of looking at things. I always feel I’m paying my dues no matter how far into my career I go. It is funny how that works.

She was very pleasant to talk to. She told me of her hilarious nursing stories and some favorite funny nursing quotes that she got from her favorite blog. She is very passionate about the profession and helping people in the medical field.

Although she wants to make a little more money, she wants to have an impact on the world. I think those are very good goals to have. I used to think nurses were just servants to doctors. However, this nurses proved me wrong. I now have a much greater respect for nurses.






Life’s Most Important Investments

Life's Most Important InvestmentsI have been a CEO for quite some time now. There is always pressure in leading a company. The biggest pressure though is to ensure that my family will have a good life. I know that people think when you are a CEO, you have everything you need in life. However, it also entails a lot of sacrifices. You need to be on the job way beyond the office hours. You need to spend less time with your family because you need to check different sites around the world. It came to a point when I felt accomplished but very unhappy. It was when I realized that no amount of money can buy happiness and satisfaction.

Family first

Whatever it is that your job demands of you; it is important to not set your family aside. You have to make your family a priority. If your kids ask something from you and it is very important, you have to forget what you are doing and attend to that request. When your family has an important trip that was scheduled a long time ago, never cancel it. If you have missed on an important occasion, find a way to make it up with your kids. This is very important since you need to be a responsible parent as well.

Keep your house a home

Prioritizing your family also means that you have to find ways to improve your home. It has to look better than what it is now. It does not mean that your family members are materialistic people. It only means that you also find a way to make their lives better and more comfortable. I came from a poor family and I have always envied rich families who have very beautiful houses. I promised myself that when I have a family of my own, they will enjoy the kind of life I have never lived.

I invest a lot on our living room. This is a place where we can all gather as a family. It has to look perfect. I even bought different sets of sofa so we can change the ones we use every time I feel like something needs to be changed. I also invest on cute bean bags since my kids love playing with them.

Most of all, everyone loves a hot shower in the morning. Just recently, I looked for a website for shower head reviews. I found out that there are different designs that look amazing. I tried to find the best shower heads and bought them. I installed one in our bedroom and the other one on each of my kids’ bedroom. It made them feel great and happier to start the day.

Staying together

Above all these investments, I just want to make sure that my family is intact. I want us to stay together through thick and thin. They understand that my job is difficult and I cannot be around all the time. However, I still make it a point that I can be the best head of the family and not just of a company.

Tricks to Efficient Cashflow Management for Startups

One of the biggest challenges every business would face would be cashflow management. Marketing your products or services can already be daunting. But no matter how well your products or services sell, you will not be able to go far with your business if you are not able to get a good cashflow system running. Especially essential for startups, cashflow management is very important as this is will determine the longevity of the company. But with these tips, managing your cashflow will become more effective so you can run a smoother business operation:

Operate lean

This is the best practice all businesses should adhere to, whether they are starting up or part of a public listed company. There is no need to hire as many people as the number of employees does not necessarily equate to higher sales, especially if your business is not yet in full swing. Make sure to get employees who can multi-task. Should you need to employ staff, it would be best to get part-time workers or sub-contractors, depending on your needs. That way you will only need to pay a minimal fee. If you can work from home, it would even be better. Hold your meetings at coffee shops or co-working spaces.

Trim down on marketing expenses

One of the common mistakes of most startups is to spend so much on marketing and branding expenses. A lot of startups would invest a lot in consulting firms in hopes to get their brand in the market. Although consulting firms are indeed able to help market products and services effectively, it would be better for your cashflow if you veer away from this for the meantime. Being a startup company, you would not have enough cash to go around freely. So try marketing your products or services with the least cost possible.

A lot of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are the best ways to go about with marketing. Not only would you be able to engage with your customers, but these social media platforms cost nothing. Should you be adept at writing, you can even try using writing blogs or web content for search engine optimization purposes. Do your own research and create your own marketing material by yourself.

Should you be selling water ionizers, the water ionizers reviews site has some very interesting alkaline water machine reviews, which can be found here. Invest in books that will help you learn more about marketing your products and services online. Make sure to purchase reading materials on similar products or services. Say, you want to open up a dating service. Make sure to buy a 1000 questions for couples book, that can only be purchased online. Check it out here. This will help you in positioning your product in the market. All these tips might be a bit more time consuming. However this is definitely something that can keep expenses down. After all, you still need to test the market. So your business direction can still deviate and change path. It would be best to invest a lot in marketing and branding once you are sure with your target segment.

Starting up is indeed difficult. There are so many things that you would need to work on to even start off. However the most important thing is that you need good management of your cashflow. By practicing frugality, your business will definitely be able to pick up well.